Laura I. Art Gallery CIC

Laura I. Art Gallery CIC

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25 May 2024

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£25,000 Jackpot

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Sat 18 May 2024

About us

Laura I. Art Gallery CIC provides a much loved and valued service for the community.

Laura I. Art Gallery provides access to arts programs that encourage the use of the creative process as a vehicle for healing, communication, self-expression and personal development. We are especially committed to enriching the cultural life of underserved communities by providing high-quality, meaningful, and accessible arts and culture programs and services.

Laura I. Art Gallery promotes creativity, nurtures cultural leadership, and engages people in meaningful arts experiences, bringing vitality to Barking and Dagenham communities and enriching people’s lives.

Laura I. Gallery is dedicated to providing inspirational and inclusive arts projects to marginalized creatives. This organization exists to give a voice to the unheard. We believe this world can be enriched and given a voice through art. We aim to utilize art as a medium to engage, educate and express.

The Laura I. Gallery program consists of visual art events and workshops, discussion in business strategy, which includes podcasts, written articles, webinars, and panel discussions and is dedicated to producing innovative projects for artists to collaborate and engage with diverse communities locally and internationally.

The organization understands how important a dynamic street culture, living culture and a thriving contemporary art scene are to the neighborhoods within Barking and beyond.

Laura I. Gallery strives to:

- celebrate differences and similarities through a spirit of collaboration through arts 

- bring greater diversity in the cultural offer

-development of new social networks and greater social cohesion opportunities

We need your help so we can continue serving our community!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Laura Iosifescu,

CEO of Multi-Award Winning Laura I. Art Gallery CIC

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