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21 May 2022

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Sat 14 May 2022

About us

Peer2Peer train young people (Peer Educators) to deliver workshops in schools and other youth organisations. Our sessions cover a wide range of topics affecting young people today, such as: Gun and Knife Crime, Sex and the Law, Online Safety, Bullying, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Stereotypes, Peer Pressure, Self Confidence, Relationships and more!  We provide the information, advice and support young people need to help them make well informed decisions about situations they face on a daily basis.

We need your help to continue offering our service. Our Gun and Knife Crime workshops can be delivered for as little as just £5.00 per student. A small price if it helps to save a life.

Join the lottery today and help support our borough’s young people!

Good luck!

Kellie Thomas, Operations Manager

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How the lottery works

£1 per ticket

That's right, unlike many other lotteries, our lottery tickets are only £1 per week.

60% to causes

50% to your chosen cause and 10% to other causes in Barking and Dagenham.

£25,000 grand prize

Match all 6 numbers and you win the JACKPOT!

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